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We will be opening the bar on Tuesday 7th July at 12.00pm.

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Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

We will be opening the bar on Tuesday 7th July at 12.00pm

Our initial opening hours will be from 12.00,with the last time for entry at 9.00pm.

Our kitchen will be closed initially and we will announce the opening date shortly, as soon as we have our operating system safely in place.

Entry to the bar will be through the car park door, and exit through the main front door.

Entry to the garden will be through the side gate with the exit through the gate that leads onto the pavement

Please sanitise your hands upon arrival, there will be sanitation stations throughout the premises.

To support the NHS Track and Trace system we will be taking details of all guests, on entry to the bar, and at the order/collection point up the steps  from the garden.These details will be destroyed after 21 days.

Table service only in the bar, no vertical drinking, or standing at the bar.

Initially card payments only, contactless where possible.

If you have a table, either in the bar or the garden, you must not change to another table.

The only reason to leave your table in the bar is to use the toilet, and in the garden, either to use the toilet or go to the order/collection point.

Toilets will be on a one in – one out system. Please bolt the outside door when using the facilities.

Please bear with us, we are doing everything possible to make our system Covid safe, and we will be doing everything “by the book” to make everyone feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

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The Charlton Inn
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T: 01258 453 160
If you wish to get in touch, please Contact Christine by using the email address below: mustangchristine11@gmail.com